Last Updated: November 5, 2018

This Community Policy (“Policy”) sets out the expectations and rules that apply to you when using the Platform (as defined in the Terms of Service). The aim of this Policy is to provide for the enjoyment of users by establishing what is expected of you when using the Platform and outlining the consequences for non-compliance.

This Policy should be read together with the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The terms used in this Policy have the meaning given to them in the Terms of Service. To the extent there is any inconsistency between this Policy and the Terms of Service, the Terms of Service shall prevail. This Policy may also be amended and updated from time to time. Your continued use of the Platform following the implementation of such changes means that you agree to comply with the changes. If you do not agree to any changes, you must stop using the Platform.


The scope of this Policy applies to all of the activities that you undertake on the Platform, including user posts (e.g. pictures, video, audio and text, whether anonymous or otherwise), shared content, uploads and downloads private messages.

The Platform contains facts, views, opinions, statements, and recommendations of third-party individuals and organizations. We, and our affiliates, do not represent or endorse the accuracy, correctness, or reliability of any of information, data or content displayed, uploaded, or distributed through the Platform.


Every user is solely responsible and liable for all of the activities they conduct while using the Platform. The conditions specified in Section 5 (Your Access to and Use of Our Services) of the Terms of Service are deemed to be incorporated into this Policy. In addition, the following content and conduct standards apply to your use of the Platform:

  • Any content that is contrary to or otherwise undermines the country or the government, contains irreligious speech, or involves acts which insult or slander the government, the country or religious affiliations is strictly prohibited, including without limitation, any content that:

    a) Endangers national security, divulges national secrecy, threatens to overturn state power, or undermines national unity;

    b) Incites national hatred or ethnic discrimination;

    c) Spreads violence, terrorism or abets crimes;

    d) Incites illegal assembly or formation gathering to disturb social order;

    e) Spreads or incites religious or ethnic discrimination;

    f) Undermines national religious policy or advocates heresy and feudalistic superstition.

  • Any content that contains any defamatory, hateful, objectionable or lewd conduct, seductive acts, exposure of body parts, indecent innuendo or obscene performance is strictly prohibited.
  • In certain countries, you may be subject to laws that limit what you may be able to undertake on the Platform (including what you can distribute). You must comply with such laws and we have no responsibility for your compliance (or failure to comply) with such laws.
  • It is strictly prohibited to spread, directly or indirectly, obscene or pornographic content or to engage in display or distribution of obscene or pornographic material.
  • It is strictly prohibited to publicize or to display gambling-related content.
  • It is strictly prohibited to display drugs, guns or controlled knives.
  • It is strictly prohibited to film, rebroadcast or advertise any third-party content or any content that otherwise belongs to other platforms.
  • It is strictly prohibited to stream content which may disrupt or otherwise negatively affect the operation of the Platform, including by streaming the playing of games, sleeping, automatic operation, black screens or frozen screens.
  • It is strictly prohibited to show any behavior that involves smoking, inebriation or displays of harassment or violence.
  • It is strictly prohibited to invade the privacy of any person or entity, including distributing content that would constitute the same.
  • For any users whose accounts have been permanently closed but who are still participating in activities on the Platform, such users’ participation in any and all activities shall be deemed invalid and content shall be removed.


We impose strict penalties on any violations of this Policy. Contravention of any part of this Policy may result in a temporary or permanent inability to use the Platform, the closure of accounts, restrictions on use of the Platform (including prohibition on being featured in certain content) or such other penalties as are deemed appropriate by us in the circumstances. Serious violations of this Policy will result in a user being permanently banned from certain features and functions (e.g. from being featured in popular content) and may even lead to permanent closure of the user’s account.

Any user can report the behavior or activity of other users. Where a violation of this Policy is verified by us, penalties will be imposed on the violators. If, after verification, we determine that a user’s report is malicious and that such user has obstructed the management or operation of the Platform, the user may also be subject to penalties, including those described in this Policy.


If you encounter any problems when using the Platform, you can communicate the problems to our customer representatives by email at vskitmoment@gmail.comor through the “Feedback ” function on the Platform, and the problems will be dealt with by specialized personnel. Users will not be charged for their reasonable use of support representatives. If a user is asked to pay any fee for use of support representatives, this should be reported to us by email at